Hillsborough County Public Schools, Gaither High School Renovation and Mechanical Due Diligence – Tampa, FL

During the renovation, the design team used a variable primary chilled water system in lieu of the existing primary-secondary system for better efficiency while reducing the number of pumps. This method saved $25,000 in front installation cost by using fewer pumps. From evaluation of the school’s cooling load, the installed chiller capacity was reduced from 800 tons to 700 tons, which saved $60,000, yet still allowed the entire campus to be served by with a 700-ton water cooled centrifugal chiller plant.

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This allowed the re-use of the existing eight year old cooling towers, which saved an additional $85,000. By adding variable frequency drives (VFDs) to the existing constant speed cooling tower fans, additional energy was saved. An evaluation of the existing HID lighting in the gym indicated that fluorescent lighting fixtures could provide energy savings, easier controls, and lower installation costs. Overall, the Owner saved $180,000 in initial costs by incorporating different design concepts and an estimated energy cost reduction of $13,000 per year with the new chiller plant system using smaller and more efficient equipment. Trane chillers and new air handling units were used for this project.

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