BayCare Corporate Office Building and CEP – Phase I and Phase II

Clearwater, FL

BayCare Health Systems

40 acre (150,000 SF per Building )

Construction Cost
$26 million

Completion Date
2014 (Phase I)

2016 (Phase II)

Delivery Method

Project Description

Two 150,000-SF, three-story office buildings. The headquarters (Phase I) will consist of two facilities, and emergency generator. The project is to be master planned and built in two separate phases to coincide with the expiration of leases. The facility will also serve as the main site for training BayCare’s medical personnel from across the system.

Interior spaces include clinical training rooms with patient beds equipped with working med gases, plumbing, and similar systems that would be encountered in the healthcare environment.

Central Energy Plant:

1,000 ton CEP with two (2) 500 ton centrifugal chillers and two (2) 500 ton cooling towers. Variable primary flow. Two (2) CHW vertical inline pumps (100% redundancy) and two (2) CW vertical inline pumps (100% redundancy). Each pump can perform to the full capacity of the building load and can turn down to 30% of a single building’s load (150,000-SF/building). This plant was designed in two phases with the intention for Phase I to operate for 2-3 years before the second phase was installed.

First Place – Large Corporate Category/IIDA Central Florida