Encore Urban Development, Central Energy Plant

Tampa, FL

Tampa Housing Authority and Bank Of America (50-50 Joint Venture)

5,200 SF

Construction Cost
$3.6 million (CEP Phase II only)

Completion Date

Delivery Method

Project Description

Phase II and Phase III are expansions of an existing Central Energy Plant to meet the needs of the entire 40+ acre site. Phase II included the addition of (1) 1,1400-ton chiller, one new cooling tower cell, controls/automation, air handlers, fan coil units, pumps, variable frequency drives, filtration, thermal storage tanks, heat exchangers, associated electrical power distribution system and 36 ice tanks. Phase III is designed for future expansion to 4,640 tons of chiller capacity along with a thermal energy/ice storage system to assist in the chiller plant operation.

Phase III construction will begin upon evidence of need.