Encore Urban Development

Tampa, FL

Tampa Housing Authority and Bank of America ( 50-50 Joint Venture )

300,000 SF ( Ella )

160,770 SF ( Trio )

300,000 SF ( Reed )

Construction Cost
$17 million ( Ella )

$ 16 million ( Trio )

$ 19.8 million ( Reed )

Completion Date
2014 ( Ella / Trio )

2016 ( Reed )

Delivery Method

Project Description

Ella at Encore – Mixed use, seven-story affordable senior living facility consisting of a combination of one-and-two bedroom units for a total of 156 units at approximately 200,000sf total in size, 12,000sf of retail and amenity spaces, a pool deck, and a three-level, 100,000sf parking garage consisting of approximately 220 parking spaces. Ella earned LEED Gold Certification.

Trio at Encore – A new LEED Silver-seeking, affordable multi-family complex consisting of two 4-story resident facility and a new 6-story resident facility consisting of a combination of one, two and three-bedroom units (for a total of 132 units) in each building with amenity, retail, and surface parking.

Reed at Encore – LEED Silver-seeking multi-family complex, approximately 300,000-SF, consisting of a new 7-story resident facility, consisting of 158 residential units with a pool deck all atop a structured 220 space parking garage. Units consist of 133 one bedroom and 25 two bedroom units. The first floor contains retail, amenity, and loading dock along with surface parking.