City of Tampa Parking Garage Assessment

Tampa, FL

City of Tampa


Construction Cost

Completion Date

Delivery Method

Project Description

Evaluations of (10) parking garages including: site observations to evaluate the existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems of the existing parking structures. Also incl.: report that outlines the general conditions of the existing infrastructure and making recommendations of repairs and/or improvements that need to be made. The repairs and/or improvements will be prioritized based on the infrastructure condition and needs.

Specific garages included:

Police Headquarters GarageCentro Ybor Garage

Palm Avenue Parking Garage

Tampa Convention Center

Twiggs Street Parking Garage

Ft. Brooke Parking Garage

Whiting Street Garage

South Regional Garage

Riverside (Rivergate) Garage

William F. Poe Parking Garage