School Board of Polk County – Dover Elementary School

Dover Elementary School had more than 12 roof top units (RTU’s) that needed replacement on a very tight schedule. Therefore our team incorporated every and all details about each unit separately, and treated each replacement as an individual project. This meticulous and detailed approach produced the highest quality outcomes and met the schools expedited scheduling needs. One example of our strategies benefiting a client is the City of Tampa’s Howard Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Building 10 project.

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Project scope: Replacement of an existing primary chiller that failed with a new 200-ton chiller. Removal and replacement of the existing piping, appurtenances and chillers located in Building 10 with two new water cooled chillers. Investigate appropriate specifications for effluent filter or reduced maintenance cleaning features for the new chillers. The scope also included new piping, valves and pumps in the existing location. Power requirements for the new equipment were coordinated with existing power within the facility. Removal and replacement of the existing air handling units located in Building 10. Specifying air handling units with the appropriate materials to provide a prolonged life expectancy of the equipment. Providing all new KMC controls for both the air handlers and the chillers so that they could be monitored from a central location. Consideration of various strategies for optimizing the energy performance in the building with the new equipment that is was installed.

Volt Air’s contract for this design scope was $100,000.

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